Daxagon is a small brand that aims to create the best design solution from each brief, day and moment – and we will never stop until we do.
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We’re all about the remarkable, the unexpected and the downright mind- blowing.


A social media presence is now a necessity for every business that’s serious about maintaining its competitive edge. Our social media team specialises in creating engaging content, interacting with the audience on all platforms and gain insight into the consumer conversation in real time.


Daxagon designers are people who are diversely talented. Led by strategy and bundles of creativity. It doesn’t just look good but it sells too. Whether it is a CI, poster, a piece of packaging or anything in between we can help create the best design solution for your needs.


Daxagon provides new business with a perfectly crafted website with SEO strategies that can help boost your online presence. We can create a website custom to your business whether it is online shopping or a blog we do it all.


A corporate identity is everything. To establish and maintain a strong presence, clear branding guidelines must be set in stone from the start. Whether you are a new company looking for a logo and naming generation, or an established brand wanting to refresh your positioning, we will give your identity the tools to compete.


Daxagon provides a range of services one also being photography. Whether it is product, lanscape, fashion or corporate shoots we can assist.